UT Extension – Knox County provides services and opportunities to the residents of our county.  Our 4-H program serves students in various schools throughout Knox County as well as some county-wide and home-school groups.  We are always looking for volunteers and financial sponsors to assist those children who would like to participate in events and camps but lack the financial resources.  If you are interested in investing in the lives of Knox County students, please complete the forms included in the Volunteer Packet below.  Volunteers who wish to work behind the scenes with no direct contact with students need only to complete the paperwork necessary for a Level 1 Volunteer.  Volunteers who desire occasional interaction with students (without overnight involvement) will need to complete Level 2 paperwork.  Finally, those volunteers who wish to have direct/frequent contact and/or chaperone overnight events such as camps and conferences, need to complete the required paperwork for a Level 3 volunteer.

Once you have completed the required paperwork, please send to lynnseyfox@utk.edu 

What does a Volunteer Leader do?

There is something for everyone!  Volunteers assist with events and fundraisers, chaperone, judge a wide variety of things such as speeches, talent, livestock, bread baking, demonstrations, etc.  No matter what your interest is in, we’re sure we can find a place for you.

Volunteer Leaders are so appreciated!  They are added to an email group that gets all the latest 4-H event information, asked to participate in a monthly Volunteer Leader meeting, and invited to various events during the year that allow us to show our appreciation!

Volunteer Thanks