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April 19th

This conference will explore the wide range of agricultural enterprises and methods available to interested individuals in East Tennessee. The goal is to give information and encouragement for those who wish to enter agriculture or expand existing operations.

We will be welcomed by Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs. Next, we will have two keynote speakers University of Tennessee President Randy Boyd and Tennessee Agricultural Commissioner Dr. Charlie Hatcher.

Attendants will break into four groups and attend sessions on:

Urban Agriculture – small vegetable production and small poultry production.

Sustainable Agriculture – forage production to sustain small herds and flocks with concentration on soil quality and improvement.

Lifestyle Perspectives – discussing the benefits beyond economics of the agriculture lifestyle.

Marketing – presenting the products from the farm in a manner that brings the most opportunity for income.

These topics will be repeated twice during the day so each participant will be able to see two of the four.

Lunch will be provided as well with US Representative Tim Burchett giving a motivational address.

Please sign up and come and enjoy an event that will give information.

This conference is presented by TEAM

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